understand and improve
Human Experience
in workspaces

Capture qualified experience data across relevant touch points.
Uncover critical insights through transparent business metrics.
Reduce costs, improve retention and reduce churn of tenants.

Human as a Sensor

Engage with your tenants to understand their experience with buildings, spaces, facilities and amenities.
Enhance with IoT Building sensors to gain comprehensive insights

Automatically engage with tenants at relevant touchpoints. Integrate with IoT Sensor data. Create one big picture
Realtime data access to critical business metrics
Journey Insight
Follow the journey of tenants to understand passion and pains, drill down to individual experiences.
Integrate with operational data to enable cross data analytics
Teams and Organisations
Support complex setups with teams and organisations with fine granular permissions
Alerts and Actions
Get configurable, rule-based realtime alerts and take immediate action even on a individual level.
Data Integration
Use the powerful API to integrate with other systems and platforms
Rely on our analytics experts with 20years of experience

We are Experience Management Experts and
passionated Tech-Developers
combining business knowhow with innovative technology

See the whole picture with any detail

With q insight you can prioritize and act to optimize the experience and customer satisfaction of tenants and visitors.
Act In Fact allows you to see the whole picture across multiple locations - but at the same time you can identify passion and pains even on individual level.

to understand  

Act In Fact allows roof managers to combine operational data with experience data to improve the retention of their tenants

Integrations into leading
Workspace Management Systems